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Title: Between Provocation and Advocacy — Independent Art Festivals in Thailand from 1992 to 1999


1990s Thailand is situated in Southeast Asia, a region that was barely awakened and recovering from the traumas of political tumours. People are starting to make sense of the calamity that was happening in the whole region. At the same time, Thailand was experiencing unprecedented economic progress, with the rapid urbanization and capitalism in hyperdrive. People and artists alike are seeking alternative ways and spaces to express themselves, while making sense of the changes happening around them ecologically and socio-politically.

In this essay, I…

With (late)capitalism in acceleration, we are bombarded with visual images and material in all parts of our life. A point presciently illustrated in Guy Debord’s seminal text Society of Spectacle,[1] consumerism and representation triumph over value and authenticity, this phenomenon is highly accelerated in our time with the aid of social media and advertising. With these continuous sensory overloads, we are surrounded by art without acknowledging it is art, and art loses its “aura”. With developments in the contemporary art field, there are more and more intersections of expanded cinema and theatrical installation in terms of the presentation of artwork.


The ethics of our memory

A window, a frame, a spotlight, a wall, and a brick
Knocked down, remodeled, repainted, retracted, and restated.

The Substation is an archive, a point of reference to the ethic of its memory, and the foundation of our culture.

Whose culture?
Each and every one of us, who passed by, spooked, perplexed, enchanted and touche …

Winnie Li

i feel as i move as i feel

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